6 axis welding robot arm

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Mode: NKRT61506B

Welding robot mainly includes two parts: robot and welding equipment. The robot consists of the robot body and the control cabinet (hardware and software). The welding equipment, taking arc welding and spot welding as an example, consists of welding power source, (including its control system), wire feeder (arc welding), welding gun (clamp) and other parts. For intelligent robots, there should also be sensing systems, such as laser or camera sensors and their control devices, etc.

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B-dir base installation:


C-dir soldering macahine installation:


A-dir end joint flange size:


Product Features

The arm range is 1.5 meters. The highly compact design offers the flexibility to choose floor or inverted installation. Large working space, fast running speed and high repeatability, it is suitable for welding applications and has a wide range of applications.

Reducer is the most important part for robot, NEWker-CNC using the famous Chinese brand LeaderDrive for RV and harmonic reducer, because of the robot controller is our own design, the robot is suitable for widely area, and also can control all kinds of structure robot, like ABB, Kuka, Kawasaki, Fanuc etc.

NEWker-CNC robot controller from 2 to 24 axis, robot arm from 4kg to 160kg, with teach function, G code, offline program, search function, vision function, tracking function etc, be competent in any field, like welding, palletizing, load and unload, handling, polishing etc, making practical and ideal robot products to service the world.

NEWKer produces robotic arm and control are widly applicated in welding, cutting, palletizing and handling.

In addition to these, we can also provide various personalized applications, such as inkjet, Making coffee, carving, writing, etc. replaces all areas of labor.

Provide different fixtures for different need in automotive, military, construction, agriculture, aerospace and other fields.

NEWker operations are also simple and easy to use.

NEWker is the first manufacture in China got dual channel drive and the first manufactuer in the world to apply G codes with robotic arm.

Model: NKRT61506B
Voltage: 380V
Payload: 6KG
Arm range: 1551mm
Application: welding(MIG/MAG/TIG) and others
Axis: 6
Max payload: 6kg
Repeated location: ±0.05mm
Power capacity: 2.5kw
Usage environment: 0℃-45℃
Installation: ground/side wall
Working range:

J2: -70°+170°
J3: -85° ~+90°
J4: ±360°
J5: ±360°
J6: ±360°
Max speed:
J1: 138°/s
J2: 138°/s
J3: 223°/s
J4: 270°/s
J5: 337°/s
J6: 1070°/s


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