• In 1990
    Mr. Liao Bingwen, the founder of “NEWKer”, was engaged in CNC research and development at the China CNC Research Institute. The founders of “GSK” and their technicians worked with him in the research institute, and they were among the first batch of CNC technology researchers in China.
  • In 1998
    The institute was disbanded, and everyone started their own businesses one after another. In the same year, the founder of “NEWKer” came to Chengdu and founded “GUNT CNC” with one of his colleagues. At the beginning of its establishment, sales continued to rise, and “GUNT” soon became the first CNC brand in China. Later, due to various reasons, Mr. Liao left “GUNT” and decided to create his own brand.
  • In 2007
    “NEWKer” was established in 2007, and several former technical backbones also came to “NEWKer” to continue working with Mr. Liao Bingwen. Developed China's first dual-channel servo.
  • In 2008
    Combined with a variety of numerical control systems, it was put into the market in large quantities in 2008, and the market responded that the products are economical, applicable and highly reliable. The product has been well received, and sales and reputation have continued to rise since then.
  • In 2012
    It moved into the NEWKer headquarters building. The new office building has greatly enhanced the company's image.
  • In 2016
    Alibaba's foreign trade website was officially launched. Inquiries from all over the world, “NEWKer” brand is based on the international platform.
  • In 2017
    The bus six-axis joint robot system successfully debuted in Ningbo. At the same time, the company's internal ERP system was officially launched.
  • In 2019
    “NEWKer CNC” obtained more than 20 national patents and software copyrights. Invested in the manufacture of robot arm body, involving the application field of robot arm.
  • In 2020
    “NEWKer” cracked down on domestic illegal piracy gangs, opened in the international station and obtained the “Verified Supplier” certification, and began to plan to open the second international station store.
  • Today
    NEWKer's products have been sold to more than 60 countries and more than 10,000 cooperative customers.

From the original black and white screen, after four or five generations of updating and development, it is now a clear and colorful 8-inch TFT LCD screen. From the initial production of several hundred units per year to the current annual sales of 80,000 units. Because we have decades of development and application experience, we understand what kind of products customers need, so that the products are close to the ideal level. Therefore, it is well received, and the product is easy to operate, even if it is easy to use for CNC novice, plus the double guarantee of technology and quality, so the sales continue to rise.
In addition, NEWKer CNC is the first company in the world to use G code for robot control. It is also the first company in China to develop dual-channel technology.
NEWker has always been determined to be an "ideal and practical CNC product"