• NEWker was successful at the Moscow Industrial Exhibition, demonstrating technological leadership and market insights

    We are proud to announce that NEWker successfully participated in the Industrial Exhibition in Moscow from May 22nd to 26th, 2023 through the Sichuan Machinery Chamber of Commerce. With the strong support of the staff of the loca...
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  • Daily maintenance of industrial robotic arm

    Daily maintenance of industrial robotic arm

    The industrial robot arm is one of the indispensable equipment in the modern production line, and its normal operation is crucial to maintain the production efficiency. In order to ensure the stability and long-term use of the robotic arm, daily maintenance is essential. The following are a few i...
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  • Welcome to NEWKer at INDUSTRY 2023 in Moscow

    Welcome to NEWKer at INDUSTRY 2023 in Moscow

    Welcome to the official website of our factory! We are very pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting our leading robotic arm products at the upcoming Moscow Industry Exhibition. We will showcase a series of high-performance, multi-functional robotic arm solutions t...
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  • NEWKer CNC Is Your Indispensable Partner

    NEWKer CNC is a leading CNC system manufacturer, focusing on providing high-quality, high-performance CNC solutions for the manufacturing industry. NEWKer’s products and technologies enjoy a high reputation worldwide, providing excellent control and automation solutions to customers in vari...
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  • Robotic Arms: An Innovative Force in Modern Factory Production

    In modern industrial production, the robotic arm has become an indispensable innovative force. As an important part of automation technology, robotic arms can perform various complex tasks by simulating the movements and functions of human arms. Whether it is efficient production on an assembly l...
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  • Sincerely Invite You to Visit NEWKer Robot Factory

    NEWKer’s new factory video is freshly released, which shows that NEWKer’s products are assembled from parts into a complete high-precision robotic arm. Please click → Robotic Arm Factory Video
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  • What are the functions of the robotic arm?

    1. Daily life robotic arm The common daily life robotic arm refers to the robotic arm that replaces manual operation, such as the common robot arm serving dishes in restaurants, and the all-round robotic arm that is often seen on TV, etc., which can basically replace manual operations such as , l...
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  • The secret to extending the service life of industrial robots! 1. Why do industrial robots need regular maintenance? In the era of Industry 4.0, the proportion of industrial robots used in more and more industries is increasing, but due to their long-term operation under relatively harsh conditio...
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  • Our Trip to the Mountains

    Our Trip to the Mountains

    Since NEWKer foreign trade department completed the total sales target in 2022, the company organized an excursion for us. We went to Dawagengza, a high mountain 300km away from the company. The scenic spot is located in Gari Village, Qiaoqi Tibetan Township, Baoxing County, Ya’an City, Sic...
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  • 6 Classifications and Specific Applications of Industrial Robots (by Mechanical Structure)

    6 Classifications and Specific Applications of Industrial Robots (by Mechanical Structure)

    According to the mechanical structure, industrial robots can be divided into multi-joint robots, planar multi-joint (SCARA) robots, parallel robots, rectangular coordinate robots, cylindrical coordinate robots and collaborative robots. 1.Articulated robots Articulated robots (multi-joint robots...
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  • Basic composition of industrial robots

    Basic composition of industrial robots

    From the perspective of architecture, the robot can be divided into three parts and six systems, of which the three parts are: mechanical part (used to realize various actions), sensing part (used to perceive internal and external information), control part (Control the robot to complete various ...
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  • CNC machining center programming skills strategy

    For CNC machining, programming is very important, which directly affects the quality and efficiency of machining. So how to quickly master the programming skills of CNC machining centers? Let’s learn together! Pause command, G04X(U)_/P_ refers to the tool pause time (feed stop, the spindle ...
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