Milling Lathe CNC Controller Increment or Absolute Controller

Short Description:

Application: Lathe and Turning Center, CNC Boring Machine, CNC wood working machine, CNC Milling machinery, CNC drilling machinery, and especially automatic equipment

Axis: 1-8 axis

Menu:English menu, program and interface, full screen edition

After-sales service: Professional CNC engineers will provide you with 24-hour online one-to-one consulting services

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Product Features

1.ATC function: Umbrella Type/ Arm Type/ Linear Type/ Servo Type/ Special Tool Magazine

2.Support Rigid Tapping: Following Mode/ Interpolate Mode

3.Support Dual analog voltage(0~10V) & C-axis for Spindle servo

4. Support RTCP mode

5.SupportStepper/ Increment/ Absolute/ EtherCAT/ Powerlink Servo for Feeding Axes

6. Scanning Function & Follow Mode & Auto Tool Setter/ Probe

1000 cnc controller

Parameter details(System Function)

1. Number of control axis: 2~8(X,Z,C,A,B,Y,Xs,Ys)
2. The smallest programming: 0.001mm
3. The most programming: ±99999.999mm
4. The highest speed: 60m/min
5. Feed speed: 0.001~30m/min
6. Continuous manual: One axis or multiple axis at the same time
7. Line interpolation: Straight line, arc, screw thread interpolation
8. Cutter compensation: Length of the compansation, radius nose of tool compensation
9. Cutter compensation input: Try to cut measuring input mode
10. Spindle function: Gear, Double analog control, Rigid tapping
11. Handwheel function: panel, handheld
12. handwheel processing: The handwheel processing function
13. Screen protection: The screen protection function
14. Tool rest function: Row tool rest, Electric too post 99 knife
15. Communication function: RS232, USB interface
16. Compensation function: Tool compansation, Space compensation, Screw pitch compensation, Radius compensation
17. Edit program: Metric/Imperial, Straight thread, taper thread and so on
18. Limit position function: soft limit, hard limit
19. thread function: metric and inch format, straight thread, taper thread and so on
20. Preread function: Preread 10,000 short straight lines
21. Password protection: Multilevel password protection
22. Input/output: I/O 56*24
23. PLC programme: All open PLC design
24. Acceleration and deceleration control: Straight line, Index
25. Number of encoder: Any setting
26. User macro program: Have
27. Electrical gear function: Have
28. Subpanel: A type with handwheel; B type with band switch; C type with both A and B, E type


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